Your bridal gown is an heirloom. We want to help you share its beauty with generations to come.
— Linda Monte, Owner at Katherine Patricia

How much does gown preservation cost?

Gown preservation is $225. Our brides receive $50 off. This includes...

  • Pre-paid order & shipping to and from the preservationist

  • Earth-friendly, orderless, and perc-free gown cleaning

  • Stain removal service

  • Anti-yellowing treatment

  • Steam finish

  • Your gown wrapped in acid-free tissue

  • Acid-free preservation container

  • $500 Declared Value Insurance

  • 30-year guarantee

How do I get my wedding gown preserved?

Drop off your wedding gown at our showroom...that's it! We handle the rest. You'll receive your preserved gown, delivered directly to you, within approximately 6-8 weeks.

Why should I preserve my gown? 

For us, the reasons are emotional. You picked this gown to represent you. You celebrated one of life's greatest days while wearing it. Someday, your daughter or grandchild may want to wear your gown.

There are many practical reasons to preserve your wedding gown:

  • Easy Storage – Gowns can take up quite a bit of space. Preserved gowns come in a convenient, easy-to-store box that makes keeping your dress simple.

  • Freshen Up – Preservation experts know the best techniques for cleaning small spills, deodorant spots, or other minor stains your gown picked up during the festivities – even those you can't see, like clear sodas or rain.

  • Protect from Damage – The colors and fabrics of wedding dresses are sensitive to their environment. Preserved gowns are protected from discoloration, moisture, as well as other accidental damage.

When should I preserve my wedding gown?

Right away. We recommend several days after the wedding. The sooner you bring it in, the easier it is for preservationists to remove stains before they set. 

Should I get my gown dry cleaned before dropping it off for preservation?

Nope. The preservationist will handle all cleaning. It's all included in the price.

Who should bring my gown in for preservation?

Anyone can drop off your gown. Even if you have left for your honeymoon, have a family member bring your gown to our shop. We'll take care of the rest. 

Why can't I keep my gown in a plastic bag in the closet?

Plastic fumes are one of the most harmful toxins a gown can face. Even if your gown has been dry cleaned, these fumes can turn the dress yellow over time.