When should I book my first bridal appointment?

As soon as you are ready. You want to begin shopping 7-9 months prior to your wedding. Each gown is custom built for every order, so can take 5-7 months to arrive. You'll want to allow time for any alterations, too (learn more about alterations.)

So, what's the process for a bridal appointment?

Here's how a first appointment goes:

  • check-in – we'll serve you and your guests refreshments while we get you registered in our system
  • exploration – browse our showroom and slip "a ring" on any styles that stand out; your consultant can help find certain looks and make recommendations
  • trying on – as your guests lounge, your consultant will join you in the fitting room to try on the sample styles you picked; she'll provide tips and guidance along the way
  • narrowing down – once you've narrowed down to a few favorites, we'll document the styles in your file or help you place an order

Who should come to my appointment?

Anyone you want; we have no limit on the number of guests you can bring to your appointment. Just remember, everyone will have an opinion. It's about what you want. Bring people whose opinions mean the most, or who will make the experience more enjoyable.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Whatever you'd like. Most brides wear something they can easily slip in-and-out of while trying dresses. We have robes and heels available. Oh, and don't forget the undies! A strapless bra is helpful if your girls need support. Remember, brightly colored undies might show through some fabrics and impact the color of the gown.

Do I need to bring anything to my bridal appointment?

Just you. Here are a few other (completely optional) things you may find helpful:

  • your Pinterest board – download the app on your phone and pin any images that inspires you; from favorite gowns to style icons 
  • notes or sketches – in case you've been doodling your dream gown in anticipation
  • a small snack – we provide beverages, but a little something to nosh on helps fight the grumpies
  • strapless bra – in case the girls need support
  • favorite pair of heels – something about the height you think you'd wear on your wedding day so we can discuss length
  • an open mind – you might be surprised by a style you didn't expect to like; this happens all the time, be ready to explore!

How long will my first bridal appointment take?

Allow at least one hour. We have no time limit, so you're free to explore as long as you'd like.

What if I'm not ready to buy a gown after my appointment?

A bridal shop should never pressure you to purchase at your first appointment. We'll take notes on your favorite styles. You can come back or call whenever you are ready.

May I take pictures while trying on gowns?

Absolutely - we'll even take them for you!

Are appointments required for bridal?

Appointments are not required. You can swing by anytime to take a look. However, an appointment ensures a consultant will be a dedicated to helping you - from answering questions to assisting in the fitting room.

Why does my consultant join me in the fitting room?

Bridal gowns can be tricky to get on without help. Also, as the gowns in our shop are samples, they won't always be your exact size. Your consultant will help get the dress on and clip you to give an idea of how it will look in your size. We want you to be completely pulled together before stepping out to show your guests.

How many gowns will I be able to try?

As many as you'd like. Again, we're here to help, not limit.

It’s not about us. It’s about the bride. We get the pleasure of being part of your journey. It’s our job to make sure every minute is enjoyable.
— Virginia, Bridal Consultant